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Privacy and Discretion


I know that it is hard to give out any personal information without some apprehension. Discretion and respect are very important to me, and I will always treat your privacy and trust with the greatest respect. I would like to assure you that I am not interested in your personal information, or pursuing anything about you, beyond ensuring my safety.  I will not intrude upon your life, as I hope you will never try to intrude upon mine. I will not call or text you at your number unless we have agreed that I should contact you this way, at a specific time, for the purpose of booking.

If, by chance, we are not able to arrange an encounter, I will delete all of your personal information from my system. I do not want you to be concerned about where that information has ended up.


Necessary Information


To make things easier for you, I have an list below of exactly what information I require for screening.


Your full name


Your phone number


The date and time you would like to meet


I would also like to know a little about you — a sentence or two is fine. Writing a few lines about yourself gives me a little sense of who you are both from your description and from the way you express yourself. This helps me feel more comfortable with you. Don’t feel shy, as well, to let me know a little about your tastes and preferences. Be candid and open, but respectful. I will be respectful of you and your desires in turn.

Contact Gia Wren Marlowe

If you have a question you’d like to ask me before we meet, you may find it useful to read my Q&A page. There’s a chance your answer is there.

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